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Medical Travel to China Four EASY Steps

Step 1: You Contact Us.
    * You can either call us or email us or fill out the no-obligation form on the page “get info”, briefly telling us a little bit about what you need and your medical situation.
    * We will contact doctors in our network and get back to you with various options available and the estimate cost within 24 hours.

    * We will discuss about the hospitals, doctors, and our services. We will answer all your questions.

    * You think about it and discuss it with your family and feel free to call us or email us back at any time if you have any questions. Once you make your decision. Move to the next step.

Step 2: We Take Care of Everything for You.

    * One is to fill out a detailed medical questonaire and the other is to send us your medical history, MRI, X-ray, plus documents needed for passport and VISA. If you prefer us to get these medical records from your family physician, we can certainly do that for you.

    * We will send all your medical records to your doctor abroad and arrange teleconference between you and your doctor if it is needed.

    * We will also contact the hospital and doctors to make sure once you arrive, the hospital bed is ready for you so that you do not have to waste your time on accommodation.

    * If it is requested, we will help you get your travel documentations and arrange flight and hotel for you at a discount rate.

    * We will find you your personal interpreter if it is needed.

    * We will send you travel information specifically to your unique situation and make a contact with your physician at home if it is requested before you leave.

Step 3: You Arrive.

    * Upon your arrival, your destination medical tour assistant and your interpreter will pick you up at the airport.

    * You will be taking the super high-speed Maglev train with your assistant and interpreter to the center of the city. Usually, the trip takes 45 minutes without traffic. The Maglev takes only 7 minutes.

    * From there, they will take you to your hospital or your hotel, which is close to your hospital, depending on what time you arrive.

    * The next day, you will be picked up and sent to your hospital. Your assistant and interpreter will help you with admission.

    * Your personal interpreter will be with you all day long when you stay in the hospital, go shopping or banking, and will be reachable for 24 hours.

    * He or she will also wheel you around if it is needed.

    * You will have pre-surgery test the next morning. And once all your test results are back, you will have your medical treatment.

    * After the treatment, you might have to stay in your hospital for a little longer to make sure you are fully recovered.

    * You might also have to stay in a hotel for several days until you are cleared for air travel. It depends on what kind of procedure you might be having.

    * During your stay, if your medical situation is allowed, we will arrange a grand tour around the city with no additional cost.

Step 4: You Fly Back Home.

    * Before you take off, we will help arrange an appointment with your doctor.

    * We will also make sure you get all your medical documents in English.

    * We will confirm your travel arrangement.

    * Your interpreter will send you to the airport. And you are going to take the world’s fast train once again.

    * Your airplane will be informed and necessary service such as drinking water will be provided.

    * Once you are at home, we will assist you with follow-up care as long as it is needed including contacting your physician abroad and finding a specialist in your hometown if it is necessary.

For more information, please contact International Medical Tourism Group.

May You Have a Pleasant Trip.

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