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The nation’s first live-donor bilateral lung lobar transplant was successfully done in the Shanghai Chest Hospital last Tuesday. The 11-year-old boy who suffered from congenital lung defect and pulmonary failure is now be able to breath on his own and started walking around. A full recovery will be expected within a month.

The boy was hospitalized since last November. Doctors in his hometown said to the family that the only way to save him was to have lung transplantation and suggested seek medical help in Shanghai.

The surgery lasted 7 hours. One lobe was moved from the boy’s father and one from the mother. There are three lobes on the right lung and two on the left. Taking just one lobe from each adult would not affect their health.

Dr Gao Wen, president of Shanghai Chest Hospital, said to the media that the biggest challenge for lung transplant was the infection. The hospital had taken precautions to control the infection.

The world's first live-donor lung transplant was conducted at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles in 1990. Since then, it has been introduced to other Western countries and Japan. By 2007, about 250 live-donor lung transplant surgeries had been carried out across the world.


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