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What makes a great hospital? The answer is doubtlessly excellence. Excellence is not a luxury. It is a necessity, because every day people come to us and turn their most precious gift over to the hospitals we work with: their lives. What make excellence? Quality of case, state-of-the-art equipments, hospitals network, and beyond that scientific research and teaching capability.

We understand that any kind of procedure no matter how major or minor carries risk. Therefore, we only choose major hospitals in a major city to work with, where medical resources can be recruited immediately if it is needed.

Speaking of medical resources, it includes surgeons, assistants, anesthesiologists, ICU doctors, nurses, and other multidisciplinary team-members as well as equipments and safe environment. All of the hospitals we work with are IIIA hospital-a standard accreditation used by the Ministry of Health according to the level the hospital is at in a multi-level healthcare delivery system and quality of care been constantly provided in all specialties it offers as well as the capability of teaching and scientific research. IIIA stands the highest level. Key department is established by the quality of care and capability of teaching and research plus the influence this particular department has in this field in a region or the whole country. Having all these set up, under the same budget, the key department and IIIA hospital are privileged to get more funds from the government to keep leading. Therefore, the hospital and department not only have the money to buy the most advanced equipments, but also are able to send their doctors and nurses to study abroad. In fact, all the departments and hospitals we work with have stable partnerships with many hospitals and research facilities in western countries and Japan. They are becoming world-class medical facilities.

The Shanghai Chest Hospital is a leading Cardiac Center for Open Heart Surgery for over half century. It covers both pediatric and adult patietns. It is one of the pioneer hospitals in the open-heart surgery in the world.

The Zhongshan Hospital is established almost a century ago. It a teaching hospital and has almost everything you need from a hospital, from heart surgery to dentistry, from traditional Chinese medicine to Western medicine, from hyperbaric chamber to 5-star-hotel style patient unit. Organ transplant, liver surgery, colon surgery, heart surgery, lung surgery and urology are the best in the country.

The Changzheng Hospital is also a university hospital and a general hospital. Out of 7 key departments in this hospital, the Orthopedics Center, especially the Spine Surgical Section is the best in the world. They have patients from western countries, Hongkong, Taiwan, etc. Surgeons from many different countries come and learn their technique. The combined Chinese-western medicine cardiology has served many top officials in this country. 

The Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital is specialized in liver, gall bladder, and pancreatic diseases. And it is the national training base in this specialty.

The Ninth Hospital is the best in Asia in plastic and reconstruction surgery and dental procedure.

The Red House Hospital and IVF center is also the best Obstetrics & Gynecology Center in the country. People from all over the country to seek treatment in the Red House Hospital and from 30 deferent countries to seek being pregnant in the IVF center.

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