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What is the quality of care?

The medical facilities that we work with are top IIIA hospitals accredited by the Ministry of Health. IIIA hospitals are at the highest level of the multi-level healthcare delivery system in China. The Chinese government invests much more money on IIIA hospitals than local hospitals on equipment, innovation, and stuff training to ensure the quality of care. Physicians in a top IIIA hospital usually have more chances to get funds from the government to study abroad and do medical research. Of the many requirements of the IIIA hospitals they must process a high level of academic achievement and research capabilities. IIIA hospitals are training grounds for surgeons from local community hospitals. Patients with complex diseases are usually referred to IIIA hospitals in major cities for treatments.  Shanghai IIIA hospitals are ranked higher in terms of quality among other IIIA hospitals in China. In many areas, their surgical techniques surpass many local hospitals in the US due to their tremendous clinical experience on tuff cases and up-to-date medical knowledge benefited from teaching and in-depth medical research.

What is the total cost of the treatment?

The cost of medical treatment differs from case to case. Usually, you can expect to save 70-80% of what you would spend in the US. We will give you an estimate cost according to the average cost of this particular surgery. Your final cost will be highly depending on your specific medical conditions.

Will I have difficulty to understand my doctor abroad?

All the doctors that we work with can speak English. All of them have spent years training or working in America, UK, Australia, and other English-speaking countries. Plus, our full time translator will be assisting you to ensure that there is no misunderstanding in language.

Is it riskier to have surgery abroad?

Any kind of surgical procedure carries certain amount of risk. On the other hand, certain factors can reduce the risk, such as staff training, hospital innovation, physicians and nurses’ experiences. All the hospitals that we work with are well equipped university hospitals. The hospital stuff have received the most extensive training. Plus, our surgeons are experienced with dealing with difficult and rare cases. In spite of surgical risk, does traveling abroad add additional risk? The answer is yes. A successful treatment includes many factors other than medical technology. Family support, follow-up treatment after the surgery, stress level, plus air travel will all could change the overall result of your treatment. We, as your medical assistant, understand this and will assist you all the way through your treatment abroad including the transition process after you return. We will work diligently to ensure you have an easy and smooth experience.

What about post-surgical follow-up?

After the surgery is done, you may expect longer hospital stay than what you might have in the US because your doctor abroad needs to make sure you have a sufficient amount of time to recover. In some cases, you are required to spend some time in a hotel near to the hospital after hospital discharge so that by the time your condition is ready to travel back home, any possible risk of air travel for a surgical patient has been greatly reduced. During your staying in the hospital or hotel post-surgically, you may need rehabilitation in the rehab center in that hospital. And a doctor visit will be arranged before you leave that country at no additional cost. Your medical documents will be all in English and transferred to your primary care physician and/or specialist upon your request. Usually, post-surgical follow-up is required once you are back home. We encourage you to keep your primary care doctor and/or specialist abreast of all major steps of your medical tourism activities starting before you leave home. We will assist you in this if it is needed.  In case you do not have a specialist to take care of you after you return, we can help you to find one.

Why should you choose MedicalToursChina?

Top quality

We only partner with the top hospitals, where in many areas the quality of care surpasses the average hospitals in the US. In fact, all of our hospitals have strategic partnership, with hospitals in America, UK, and other countries, focusing on training and/or scientific research. All of the medical disciplines of our partnership hospitals are well advanced and have a close health network with other top hospitals in Shanghai. This way all of the necessary resources can be arranged immediately.

No waiting lines

A large medical facility usually has long waiting lines. But our patients can get medical attentions whenever they are needed. On top of that, all the hospitals that we work with have VIP units or equivalent units designed for westerners where you will not see the crowds you usually see in a large hospital and the room is innovated to make hospital feel more like a hotel.

Our professionals

The surgeons we work with are well-known surgeons. All of them have training and/or working background in western countries or Japan, so that they all understand the western medical standard of medical care. Many of them are rewarded with life-long pension from Congress in honor of their special contributions in the medical field. In addition, they all have tremendous medical experiences after serving in the country with the largest population.

Our Service

Our translators will be assisting you not only when you stay in hospital, but also when you go shopping or traveling. Our translation service is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you do not have to worry about any inconvenience with communication.

Our commitment

We understand that it is a brave decision to travel abroad to get medical treatment. Therefore, all of our employees are dedicated to help you go through all the steps of your medical tour abroad. We assist you with your VISA application, travel arrangement, flight booking, hotel booking, hospital admission and discharge, and so on. Our help line keeps open 24/7. All you need to do is to prepare yourself and pack up for this big step in your life time.

After the treatment is done, before you leave that country, if your condition is allowed, we will arrange a brief tour trip around the city. If you need to explore that city and surrounding area in-depth, we can get you discount in one of our several reputable tourist company.

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