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Urologic Surgery


Prostate Cancer, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and many other urology procedures can be treated using da Vinci Robotic Surgery System with a small incision at the Urology Center at the Zhongshan Hospital in Shanghai, China. They use da Vinci Robotic System to do live-donor kidney transplantation, which has achieved the best patient/kidney survival rate in the country. For more information, check the Prostate Surgery Center / Kidney Surgery Center.

To learn more about your Prostate Surgery Abroad and Kidney Transplantation Abroad, call this toll free number 1-888-669-2588 or email us You will get free quote within 24 hours and we will answer all your questions. Most importantly, we will assist you all the way on your medical tourism trip to China and make sure you get the best care.

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