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Stem Cell cosmetics

Stem Cell Plastic Surgery

To most people, stem cell plastic surgery is a new word, but not to those 5,000 people who have done stem cell breast implantation and other stem cell facial rejuvenating procedures in Seoul Cosmetic Clinic (SCC). SCC was founded in 1989. Since then they have performed stem cell plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures for over 5,000 people from China, Singapore, America, Malaysia, Japan, S. Korean, and other countries by using umbilical cord stem cells or adult adipose tissue stem cells. After the stem cell treatment, the skin becomes moist, swell, and glowing. It reduces wrinkle and improves elasticity.

Except for the regular cosmetic procedures, SCC also provides stem cell treatment to the scars on the skin. They have treated numerous burn patients with scars all over on their face and extremities by using specially cultured skin stem cells-AutoCell.

To manufacture AutoCel, a piece of 1 cm x 1 cm of normal skin tissue will be taken from the patient’s body and then cultured in a test tube for 16 days. While being cultured, the epidermis cells in the skin are growing up to 150-200 times their original size. They are then being sprayed on the burn site where the scars have been peeled off. With special spraying technique invented by SCC, these cells can evenly cover the damaged skin and then quickly duplicate themselves.  It can be used on new wound or scared wound. 

The AutoCel cultured in SCC’s GMP Lab has higher rate of survival and skin regeneration, and facilitates quick recovery without scarring. They have many 

internationally registered patents to give out optimal results.

Self-skin grafting operations is not needed with AutoCel treatment. It passed safety, efficacy and standard, and testing method of KFDA in October 2004, and completed the GMP facility for manufacturing artificial skin in June 2005.


2005. 02 Won grand prize of ‘Customer-Satisfaction BEST Company’

2005. 03 Selected as ‘Fast Growing Company’and ‘Economy Growth Promising Company’

2005. 06 Selected as ‘CEO of Korea’

2005. 06 Won ‘GOOD DESIGN AWARD’for 2 items

2005. 09 Won the grand prize of ‘1st Seoul Design Festival’For 4 items

2006. 06 Won ‘GOOD DESIGN AWARD’(EI Solutions Skin Care Line)

2006. 06 Won ‘GOOD DESIGN AWARD’(EI Solutions Clinical Formula)

2006. 11 Won ‘VENTURE DESIGN AWARD’(EI Solutions Endless TighteningSet)

2006. 11 Won ‘VENTURE DESIGN AWARD’(Celgen Make-up Line)

2007. 06 Won ‘GOOD DESIGN AWARD’for 2 items 

2007. 11 Won ‘VENTURE DESIGN AWARD’(EI Solutions Sensitive for Skin Care Line, Selected by Korea Design Firms Association)


To learn more about stem cell cosmetic treatment and plastic surgery, contact International Medical Tourism Group at 1-267-626-1137 or 1-888-669-2588. Or email us at


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