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Spine Surgery



The Spine Surgery Center of the Orthopedic Surgical Department at Changzhen Hospital is the leader in spinal surgery in the world. With Cervical Spine Surgery (Spine Surgery in the neck) alone, they have done over 20,000 cases in total, about 1,200 per year, a leading number among all the Orthopedic Centers in the world. Roughly 80% of their medical stuff has training background in America, England, Canada, and other countires. Surgeons from many other counties come to this spine surgery center to receive clinical training.

For more information about your Spinal Surgery Abroad, please contact MedicalToursChina, also known as International Medical Tourism Group. You can call this toll free number 1-888-669-2588 or email us at You will get free quote within 24 hours and we will answer all your questions.

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