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Plastic Surgery in China

The Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital is ranked as national top 10 plastic surgery centers. The plastic surgeons in that hospital do as many as 100 plastic surgical cases every day including facial surgeries, breast aesthetics, and body aesthetics, since last October when the demanding of cosmetic surgery reached historical high due to the downturn of the job rate. Their services also include facial rejuvenation, cosmetic dental procedure, hair transplant, transsexual surgery, and so on. Up to now, they have performed over 100 thousand plastic surgical cases.

They have served many top celebrities in Asia. The main actor of Chinese famous comedic film, “Homeless Boy: ‘Three Hairs’”, Zhichao Men lately came to the Shanghai Time Surgery Hospital for his hair transplant. The Chinese Olympic champion Guanliang Meng always comes here to polish his face and clean his teeth before the TV shows. There have been two groups of celebrities from Korea have their plastic surgeries and other facial procedures done in this famous plastic center. Among them, there are Harisu, Kexin Weng, Baoxi Kim, and many other movie stars, models, and singers. This hospital is appointed as the only referral center for the Shanghai International Fashion Model Contest 2009. By then, models from around twenty countries will come and joint the party.

Karean Celebrities at the Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital


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