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Cosmetic Surgery in China

The department of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery at Shanghai Ninth Hospital has operated for 50 years, and it is one of the first departments in this field in China. It is a key department of the Ministry of Education as well as an important laboratory of Shanghai Genetic Tissue Engineering and the Shanghai Cosmetic Surgery Quality Control Center. It is also the Ministry of Health’s training base for cosmetic surgery. Dr. Yi-lin Cao, vice president of the Ninth Hospital and director of the department, is in charge of the Nation’s Base of Genetic Tissue Engineering Research and Application.


The department of plastic surgery covers many kinds of operations, including cranial-maxilla facial surgery, microscopic reconstructive surgery, reconstructive burn surgery, cosmetic surgery, cranial-facial reconstructive surgery, and maxilla-facial reconstructive surgery, etc. They also offer lymph medicine and treat scars and hemangiomas. Their 170 beds serve more than 20,000 surgical cases annually; and the annual out-patient number is over 50,000.


Over the last 50 years, the department has created many classical surgical procedures that are used worldwide, such as penis and scrotum reconstruction, facial palsy function rebuilding, scalp replantation, oesophageal reconstruction, and more. In China, it is the only cranial-maxilla surgical department and the only lymph medicine center, which treats swollen lymph glands and does research on reducing the swollen lymph glands after cosmetic surgery. The department is also one of the most important scar and cavernous hemangioma research centers. Because of their prestigious doctors and best quality control, there have been no malpractice accidents for the last 5 years.  It is one of the most important plastic surgery departments and tissue engineering research and application centers in China and the world. They have won numerous awards, edited many reference and text books, and published numerous articles in national and international meetings.


The department only recruits the best surgeons in this field. They have 22 chief and vice chief surgeons, all with an MD degree and most with PhD degrees. Many of them have training background abroad, and some of them are guest professors at universities in America. Every doctor has his or her own unique training.


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