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Plastic and Reconstruction


Both the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center at the Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital and the Ninth Hospital are top plastic surgery centers in Asia. They have invented many surgical procedures; and some of them have become classic procedures being used worldwide such as penis reconstruction surgery, esophagus reconstruction (food pipe reconstruction), scalp replantation, etc. They are among the earliest to use microwave to treat lymph edema in the world. They did external ear canal reconstruction surgery and hair removal for the “hairest man” on earth, Mr. Zhenhuan Yu, and hair transplants for the “hairless man”, the main actor of Chinese famous comedic film, “Homeless Boy: ‘Three Hairs’”, Mr. Zhichao Men. They also treated a child with congenital split stenum, the first case ever in China. Many top celebrities come to our plastic hospital to have their plastic surgeries or cosmetic procedures done. The Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital is appointed as the only service center for the Shanghai International Fashion Model Contest 2009.

The plastic surgery network of the International Medical Tourism Group provides full range of plastic surgery procedures, including body aesthetics, breast aesthetics, facial surgeries, facial rejuvenation, transsexual surgery, hair removal and hair transplant. Our cosmetic centers are equipped with the most advance equipments being used in most cosmetic centers in the U.S.

For more information about your Cosmetic Surgery Abroad (or Plastic Surgery Abroad) and Skin Care, please contact MedicalToursChina, also known as International Medical Tourism Group. You can call this toll free number 1-888-669-2588 or email us You will get free quote within 24 hours and we will answer all your questions. Most importantly, we will assist you all the way on your medical tourism trip to China and make sure you get the best care.

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