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The International Gynecology Center at the Shanghai Red House Hospital is a nationally renowned center for Women Care & Health. It is also a national referral center covering full range of services regarding to women health. They treat over 1,000 outpatients everyday and perform 6,500 surgery cases per year.

The Gynecology Oncology Center provides early detection and screening tests for diagnosis and treatment of all gynecology cancers, including ovarian, uterine, cervical, and vaginal.

All the physicians in our network in this hospital are highly respected phsicians both for their medical expertise and their compassionate care in the treatment of the gynecology cancer patient. This medical center for women diseases has partnership with Aemrican National Institute of Health. To find out more about this Women Health Center, you can text us at 267-626-1137 or give us a call using this toll free number 1-888-669-2588 or an email at We will provide you detailed infomation regarding the hospital, doctors, cost and what your medical tourism trip to China would be like.



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