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    Shanghai Gamma Knife Center serves not only local patients but also international patients coming from America, Argentina, and other countries. There have been more than 200 patients from Argentina alone. Among them, there are Argentinean famous politicians, doctors, rich business men. Many of them are benefited by the center’s highly sophisticated technology; and when they return, they spread out their stories. And that brings in Mrs. Cristina Elizabeth Fernández de Kirchner, current President of Argentina, wife of former President of Argentina Néstor Kirchner back in 2004 when she visited the Shanghai Gamma Knife Center to appreciate their care to her people. Earlier in the same year, Argentinean minister of health visited the center and invited Dr. Ben Ren to go to Argentina and help them to establish a gamma center in his country. Up to now, the center has accepted visiting scholars from around 16 countries including America, Canada, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, and others, as well as gamma knife centers from other areas in China. In 2008, Dr. Clive Sherdly and Dr. Otto Zuck from Memorial Hermann Hospital, Texas, visited this center and gave them great comments for the excellence.

    The center possesses 2 consultants from the Sweden Karoliska Institute, the world-repected institute appointing the laureates for the Nobel Prize, Prof. Bjorn Meyerson and Prof. Bengt Linderoth, 12 medical doctors specializing in neurosurgery, radiology, radiation oncology, physicists, etc. Dr. Ben Ren, a neurosurgeon, studied about gamma knife in the Karoliska Institue in Sweden in 1992. He returned to China in the next year and started working on the first gamma knife center in China. He is now the director of the center.

    The center uses Discovery LS PET-CT system. Basically the PET is to detect the metabolic signal of actively growing cancer cells in the body and the CT to provide detailed pictures of the tumors. After the tumor is positioned by this system, the computer calculates the dose and fixes the gamma knife exactly focusing on the tumor. Patients are highly immobilized by the equipment. The computer-aid system provides such a dramatic and precise effect on the target, that the dose of radiation is sent to the tumor, while surrounding tissues are spared. There is no incision, no bleeding, and no scar.

    They provide body gamma knife and brain gamma knife. The brain gamma knife treats brain disorder, while the body gamma knife treats tumor on the rest of the body. Up to 2008, they have treated 1,795 patients with brain disorder and 11,095 patients with tumors on the rest of the body.


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