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The Spine Surgery Center at Changzheng Hospital is the nation’s leading orthopedic surgical center. It is run by Dr. Ka-Yuan Tu, a well-known orthopedic specialist as well as the president of Changzheng Hospital. The department is made up of 16 senior surgeons covering 154 beds.  Roughly 80% of their medical personnel have received training in America, England, Canada, and other countries. This hospital is the nation’s training and research base for orthopedic surgery.

The Orthopedic Surgery Center includes spine section, joint section, hand section, and trauma reduction section; and it is equipped with word-class diagnostic machines and surgical instruments. They pioneer in many areas in orthopedic surgery and invented many surgical tools, Up to now, they have treated over 20,000 cases of cervical spine surgery (the largest number in any hospital in the world, about 1200 cases annually) using their predominant techniques, which, in many respects, are the first in China. Six professors in orthopedic surgery department are rewarded with honorary compensation from Chinese Congress in recognition of their contribution in this field.

The Center has a research fund of worth one billion dollars, published 500 articles as well as 20 reference books, and has won 29 national and international awards. Appointed by the National Bureau of Publication, this Spine Surgery Center publishes “the Journal of Spinal Surgery”, which indicates their academic influences.

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