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International Gynecology Center


The Gynecology Center at the Shanghai Red House Hospital has 5 wards. They are run by Dr. You-Jie Feng, who is also the current president of the hospital and a PhD instructor. There are 6 chief gynecologists, 10 vice chief gynecologists, and many attendants. They treat over 1000 outpatients every day, many of whom have complex medical conditions and come from around the country and overseas. At 100% occupancy, the 220 beds in the gynecological department serve over 7000 inpatients and 6500 surgical cases annually, including cytoreduction combined intraperitoneal chemotherapy for advanced ovarian and tubal cancer, transplant of sigmoid for vaginal construction, minimally invasive hysterectomy and ovariocystectomy assisted by laparoscopy, resection of neoplasm or myomectomy of submucous myoma under hysteroscopy, resection of endometrium for hypermenorrhea, and more.

Each year, the department graduates 50 fellows and holds 6 classes with different topics for continuous education. They have published numerous articles, many reference books and text books on this specialty. Many research projected have been accomplished. Some of them are in partnership with American National Institute of Health.

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