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The Department of General Surgery at Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, was founded in 1946. There are four divisions, one center lab, and forty-eight doctors covering 184 beds. There are 7 units, the unit of hepatobiliary disease, the laparoscopic unit, the unit of thyroid disease, the unit of breast disease, the unit of stomach disease, the unit of pancreatic disease, and the unit of colorectal disease.

 The laparoscopic unit

 The laparoscopic unit was founded in 1992, and has treated thousands of cases of laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic colorectal cancer resection, endoscopic thyroid cancer resection, laparoscopic splenectomy, laparoscopic vague nerve dissection, laparoscopic unroofing of liver cyst, laparoscopic repair of herniation, and more.

 Laparoscopic colorectal cancer radical resection at Zhongshan Hospital has the same result as conventional colon cancer surgical resection, but with smaller incisions (5cm with DIXON procedure, a stoma only with MILES procedure), less blood loss, less disturbance to adjacent organs, less postoperative pain, faster recovery of colon function, faster return to normal activities, and better cosmetic results. It is infrequently performed in the United States because most American surgeons do not feel comfortable doing this minimally invasive procedure. It takes experience.

 The unit of stomach diseases

 The unit of stomach diseases has 8 doctors. They treat 500 cases stomach cancer annually. It is one of the major stomach cancer centers in China that treat large number of the stomach cancer every year. Their 5-year survival for stomach cancer advances in the world.

 The unit of colorectal diseases

 The unit of colon diseases is a major division in the general surgical department at Zhongshan hospital simply because they have a long history of leadership in the treatment of colon cancer in China as well as colon cancer makes big part of diseases been treated at Zhongshan hospital. They have had tremendous results on the treatment of colon cancer liver metastases and colon cancer surgical treatment under laparoscope. The case number of colon cancer has been steadily increasing every year. In 2005 alone, they treated 746 cases of colon cancer.

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