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The Gamma Knife Center in our network offer Gamma Knife Treatment (or Gamma Knife Surgery), for patients with brain tumor and other brain disorders. The Gamma Knife has been the most accepted and widely used therapy to treat brain disorders in the world since it was approved by FDA.  For more information, please click the Brain Gamma Knife / Gamma Knife.


Stem Cell Treatment has benefited many patients with many kinds of neurological disorder, diabetes, and liver cirrhosis. To learn more, please click the Stem Cell Therapy.


For more information about the Gamma Knife Abroad or Surgery Abroad for brain tumor and Stem Cell Transplantation, please contact MedicalToursChina, also known as International Medical Tourism Group. You can call this toll free number 1-888-669-2588 or email us or simply fill out the no-obligation online "get info". You will get free quote within 24 hours and we will answer all your questions. Most importantly, we will assist you all the way on your Medical Tourism trip to China and make sure you get the best care.