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Where once it was frowned upon or ever laughed at, plastic surgery in China Is now among some of the highest quality in the world. Many of the surgeons have spent years training in the US and then taken their skills and knowledge back to China where they can perform the same surgeries with the same level of quality as you would expect to find in the US for a fraction of the cost. In many cases people in US do not get the cosmetic surgery they want or need because of the extremely high cost of these procedures in US facilities. While many of these procedures are purely elective and have no real medical value, it still does not stop people from continuing to want them; however the one thing that does stop them is cost.

Fortunately plastic surgery in China can be as much as 70% less than the same procedure in the US making it far more affordable to travel overseas. Here in the US only those plastic surgeries that are deemed exceptionally medically necessary may be covered by insurance policies or included in HMO plans, and in many cases only a percentage is covered requiring huge co-payments that many people cannot afford even when they desperately need the procedure done. In China plastic surgery may be done on a cash paying basis but because the costs are so much lower, more people can afford to finally get the surgery they need and actually be able to pay for it. There are many different types of plastic surgery in China, many of which are purely cosmetic such as penis or breast enlargements that no insurance company is going to pay for. Face lifts and tummy tucks are becoming very common place and combined with liposuction and Botox injections to give older ladies a chance to look much younger than their true age would have them look.

These procedures prove to be cost prohibitive in the US, but are easily affordable when you travel to China. Thanks to very modern facilities that usually work hand in hand with their US counterparts and doctors that have been trained here, quality of care is not an issue. While you may be in foreign country for you treatment , you will find that having plastic surgery in China is probably more pleasant and less stressful than having the same surgical procedure done in a US hospital, especially when you factor in Chinese hospitality. If you have been considering plastic surgery in China there are companies that specialize in helping to arrange for you to go to China for the procedure you desire. A company like Medical Tours China can help connect you with the right doctors and hospitals to get the type of surgery you wish to have done. They will take care of everything from getting you on the plane to China with the right travel papers to the minute you arrive back in the US following your surgery. All cases managers are medically trained and have the expertise to make your trip as worry free as possible.


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